Nine sans jacket

One-Hundred Words Per Minute

Rose and TenII face a slight dillemma in Pete's World. Crack.
Rated G


The wall behind her exploded, and Rose laughed with joy.

There was chaos and destruction, but her hand was in the Doctor's
and everything was fantastic.

"Well go on then," Rose prompted, "do
something brilliant."

He looked uncomfortable for a moment, rubbing the back of
his neck with his free hand.

"Ye-eah, well… Donna kind of got my Time Lord brain, so…"
He winced and focused on the large machine in the middle of the street that
urgently needed to be disassembled. "I don't have a clue how to stop that."

Rose just stared at him as a nearby car exploded.

"If it helps, I can now type one-hundred words a
minute!" His face lit up with a grin and from the fire engulfing a nearby tree.

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