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Nine sans jacket
I made this while trying to study for the SAT. Thought it might help others too. :)
Hope this helps you. And if you think it would help someone you know, please link themCollapse )

Nine sans jacket

"Oh but this is brilliant, Rose! It's like you're Batman! Vitex heiress to the public, Torchwood's Defender of the Earth in secret."Collapse )

Doctor/Rose Titanic AU
Nine sans jacket

The Doctor can’t tell if the rushing noise is in his head, or from the water pouring into the ship.Collapse )

Fic - Dreams
Nine sans jacket

Characters: 9, Ten, Rose, Martha, Donna
Written on a plane to London directly after reading the Alchemist.
Once upon a time lived a girl....Collapse )

Some of my art
Nine sans jacket
Mostly Doctor Who stuff
Image-heavyCollapse )

(no subject)
Nine sans jacket
lol. Anyone been on tumblr lately? SUE FROM CATERING. X)

Jammy Dodgers
Nine sans jacket


Short, (hopefully) humorous one-shot explaining the lack of the Doctor in Torchwood: Miracle Day.
One small spoiler for episode 4.

Jammy DodgersCollapse )

Torchwood: Miracle Day ep5
Nine sans jacket
Spoilers for TW MD ep5Collapse )Spoilers for TW MD ep5Collapse )

One-Hundred Words Per Minute
Nine sans jacket
Rose and TenII face a slight dillemma in Pete's World. Crack.
Rated G


The wall behind her exploded, and Rose laughed with joy.

There was chaos and destruction, but her hand was in the Doctor's
and everything was fantastic.

"Well go on then," Rose prompted, "do
something brilliant."

He looked uncomfortable for a moment, rubbing the back of
his neck with his free hand.

"Ye-eah, well… Donna kind of got my Time Lord brain, so…"
He winced and focused on the large machine in the middle of the street that
urgently needed to be disassembled. "I don't have a clue how to stop that."

Rose just stared at him as a nearby car exploded.

"If it helps, I can now type one-hundred words a
minute!" His face lit up with a grin and from the fire engulfing a nearby tree.

I do not own Doctor Who

Ten/Rose OuO

For the Doctor/Rose Fixathon. Prompt: Rose/Cloen, preferably, but could also go with Ten. Cross-dressing of some sort. Bonus points for Rose in a tux.

I do not own Doctor Who

CrossedCollapse )